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YKG PA/NJ: Thankfulness!

(Dec. 2018)

Thanksgiving is a day of thankfulness.

I believe it is a day to spend with family and those who are closest to you in life. This Thanksgiving as per our tradition, I spent it with my immediate and extended family. Just this alone is something I’m so thankful for. To have a family that loves and cares for me, and to be able to eat an amazing meal while sitting around having a good time in a warm house. I feel so grateful to not only have incredible people in my life, living in a safe place, getting a good education.

I’m thankful for God to guide me through all hardships and also for all he gives me. To live in this earth is a blessing, but it is even more of a blessing to live an amazing life with so many opportunities that some people, unfortunately, may not have whereas we find ourselves taking these things for granted.

To be able to give is such a great thing. The feeling of giving and making a difference in someone else's life and there by making a positive impact on the world is a very satisfying feeling and this has been taught to us Sikhs in the form of seva. That is why I am so thankful for Young Khalsa Girls (YKG) which gives me the opportunity to do seva and learn the gratitude of giving.

This holiday season, instead of thinking about the things we do not have, we should think of all the awesome things and experiences we have and how thankful we should be for these.

So this holiday season and beyond let us choose to not only be grateful but to cherish the idea of giving and sharing.

“We rise by lifting other”

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