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It all started with a sleepover.


Hearing our moms talk about a fundraiser gala to support higher education for students and wanting to play our part, we planned on having a lemonade stand. At ten years old, we aimed to support one student by raising $500. After doing some calculations, it became clear that a lemonade stand wouldn't be enough. We decided to instead write a letter asking our community and beyond for all the support they could give us. We called ourselves Young Khalsa Girls. Khalsa means pure, detached, and free from worldly attachments.


4 girls started the group, which grew to 11 in its first year. The power of unity and the generous support of our community enabled us to accomplish a feat we never thought possible: we had raised $17,500-- enough to support 35 students in their pursuit of higher education. At that moment, we knew that our age couldn't define the impact we could make in the world. That persistence is the crux of how this group came together. Following this fundraiser, our group kept blossoming, fostering the guiding principles of:

Honesty, Courage, Unity, Humility, and Sewa (service)


We are focused on selfless service, advocacy, and girl empowerment.  Currently, we are in our 8th year and launched  our second chapter in 2017 in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area but our goal remains the same: to serve, to advocate and to raise our voices for issues that impact our society.   Every year we are excited to take on new projects to help our community.  We have held seminars on mental health and cyberbullying, planted trees native to our area, donated necessities to mothers of NICU premature babies, connected with the elders in our community, slept out in solidarity with the homeless, held food drives and so much more.  The common theme in anything we do is that it should make an impact on our society. 

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