YKG PA/NJ is the newest branch of YKG.

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YKG PA/NJ + Nursing Home
YKG PA/NJ's first service project and beginning of the year began with a visit to a local nursing home. The girls played games, made crafts and gave out holiday gifts to the seniors. Nothing beat seeing the smiles on their faces!
YKG PA/NJ's First Bake Sale!
With plenty of baked goods and ready to sell, YKG girls talked about the mission of YKG, collected donations, and raised funds for our first round of projects of the year!
YKG PA/NJ's First Meeting Ever!
To kick off the new term, YKG PA/NJ brainstormed project ideas, set up the structure for the new year and even FaceTimed our sisters in the DMV!
YKG PA/NJ Learns the Ropes!
A few members of YKG DMV took a field trip came and visited New Jersey in March 2018. They gave our sisters an overview on what YKG means to us and how to make the most of an impact in the community. Standing Left to Right: Coach Bela (of PA/NJ), 5 YKG DMV Girls, Coach Leena. Sitting: Us, the new YKG PA/NJ Sisters!
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