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Surinder Kaur Ahuja was an exemplary woman dedicated to her family and the community and strongly believed in the power of education.  She came to the United States with her husband and kids and supported him fully through his endeavors.  She self-taught English and instilled the importance of education in her children.  She was ahead of her times and encouraged her daughters in law to achieve higher education as well.  She was very passionate about service and was often found volunteering at Gurudwara in any capacity that was needed. She infused the same passion in all her children and emphasized the importance of selfless service.   She passed away at a young age to meet the heavenly father.  Even though her physical essence left this earth, her passion of education and service continues to thrive  in her children and grand-children.  

This scholarship is for those girls who are passionate about education and service and an ideal candidate would be the one who leads her life by courage and integrity. 

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