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Executive Director
Executive Director

YKG has been an extremely influential force in my life as it is a group of young girls empowering each other.  Seeing YKG grow has reinforced my belief that the motivation to do good can accomplish anything. Establishing our 2nd chapter has allowed us to expand our impact and mentor younger girls looking to make a difference. It has been eye opening to lead advocacy projects that focus on social justice. I love YKG because it reinforces that we are never too young to make a difference.

Executive Director
Executive Director

YKG is a very important part of my life. It teaches me the importance of Sewa, sisterhood and community service. The project that spoke to me most was when we visited pre-mature babies in the NICU center. We delivered them goodies as well as things they really needed. I have a love for babies so I was very thrilled to be able to help them.

I love YKG because of the community. Everybody is so supportive of each other and those outside of our group as well. It is obvious that everyone genuinely cares about the Sewa that they are doing. I also love the continuous Sewa that I am able to do throughout the year.

YKG means the world to me. YKG is more than just a group of girls. We are a family. A family who works hard together and supports each other continuously.

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Director of Development - Website - Design and Webmaster To me, YKG has been an outlet in which we take problems in the world and actively work to make some kind of impact. Service has been a release for me, building who I am as a person and making me who I am today. Once we cooked hot meals for women who were victims of domestic violence who got occasional meals and resources from a women's shelter. This project opened my eyes to a degree of resilience that I aim to embody today.

Director Project Management To me, YKG means being part of an amazing group of girls that do great things together. It is a group of people that love each other like a family and care for not only themselves, but also for the community around them. One of my favorite projects was spending time with children in the Little Friends For Peace organization. Seeing their faces light up at the sight of new company, gifts, and games was a rush of happiness that I’ll never forget.

Director of Social Media YKG is kind of like a calm road with autumn leaves. Its is full of adventure and it's really exciting to work with sisters and really impact the world. I really want to do something with environment and needy people. This organization, it's the best family ever.

Director Fundraising/Membership YKG is a group of adoring people who surround you and help you through your journeys. Not only does YKG guide each other, we support the economy and service others even if they don’t ask. I love YKG because it is basically a young group of women who want the world to be a better place. You learn about a problem that is faced by the whole and you are doing something about it. No matter how little or big of an impact you are making.

Director of Outreach YKG is a place I can give back to my community and have fun while I do it. It's where I get to be with my sisters and do what I love. YKG's five pillars: courage, unity, humility, and sewa inspire me to be my best every day. We are like a family that works towards helping others through sewa: selfless service.

Secretary I love different type of projects every year. Every year, we learn so many new things while helping our community. I am grateful to be a part of YKG family.

I joined YKG because it's a group of powerful girls who want to make their mark on the world. YKG helps others and makes society a better place. YKG gives you the opportunity to learn how to be an excellent team member while learning the significance of the five pillars: Sewa, Honesty, Humility, Courage and Unity. I am thrilled to be a part of YKG and most excited to help underprivileged children and the homeless.

To me YKG means a group of girls coming together for the greater good. As part of YKG, we identify projects that are meaningful, helpful to others, and give me an opportunity to bond with other like-minded girls.

On the road to self-discovery and leadership, I came across YKG. YKG enables me to find pureness ("khalsa") in the community and each other. For me, the tenants of honest had work, humility, and unconditional Sewa really come to fruition at YKG. In the pursuit of becoming compassionate leader, I strive to learn from diverse values and endeavors at YKG. The everlasting bonds that we create at YKG, are invaluable and empowers growth in each of us. I am proud to be a part of YKG.

To me, YKG is a unique organization which brings flavors of Sewa, honesty and courage. I love that all of us in YKG are like-minded and are all there for each other. The bond we create as a YKG family, is not only special, but also impactful to the community. YKG helps all of us to be better people, as we all lead for the common good and help our community. I look forward to nurturing YKG's values.

I love YKG for many reasons. When I was too young to officially join YKG, I used to see the group at bake sales and doing other service projects. Even though I was too young, I enjoyed helping out. I always had so much fun spending time with the didi's (older girls) and knowing that I was doing sewa (selfless-service) was a bonus. Now I am old enough to be officially a part of YKG. I am so excited to help my community and others in need.

To me, YKG is a group of girls empowering each other. We are like one big family. A family that works hard and supports each other. Not only YKG guides each other, but we also support social causes and help others. YKG makes me a much better person.

Founding Member
Founding Member

~Alumna~ YKG is such an important part of my life. Being a part of it for the last 6 years has taught me so many things. I have learned teamwork and cooperation, I have learned the importance of humility and courage, and I have learned how to be more confident. I feel that the project that spoke to me the most was the Mental Health Workshop. In many communities mental illnesses are taboo and not spoken about, this project created a safe environment to discuss mental health.

Founding Member
Founding Member

~Alumna~ YKG has been important to me because it has taught me about myself, the world around me, community, and the importance of taking action. As I have gotten older, YKG has been an integral part of shaping my character and views of the world. It enables me to make real impacts on issues that I’m passionate about. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have all of our ideas mesh together when we design our projects.

Founding Member
Founding Member

Alumna YKG for me is a journey which allows me to experience life in so many interesting ways. By serving the community, the world and its people, I feel that I am a better person......one project at a time! I felt connected to most was Seva truck which fed many families during a cold December afternoon.








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Director of Social Media To me, YKG means to be true to yourself, help others and make the community around you a better place. To me, the most important YKG pillar is courage. You can save lives if you believe in yourself. You can do anything. I am most excited to help the homeless.

To me, YKG is to change the world, help others, be kind and stay true to each other. To me, the most important YKG pillar is honesty- because if you lie, you are lying to yourself and making yourself feel bad. I am really excited to be a part of YKG.

Director of Outreach YKG is an organization that allows me to do what our religion strongly advises us to do which is helping others in need. The most important YKG pillar to me is courage. Anything we do in our day-to-day lives takes courage. I most excited to possibly volunteer at a homeless shelters, pet shelters or other places that could use our help.

Director Fundraising/Membership To me, YKG means being independent and changing the world as a group. To me, the most important YKG pillar is Sewa— it is important to help others and show them that they matter. I am most excited to help the elderly.


To me, YKG is a group of girls trying to make the world a better place. To me, the most important YKG pillar is honesty. You should not lie because no one will ever trust you. I am most excited to help the homeless.

Director Project Management To me, YKG means a way to reach out to people and help people in your community. To me, the most important YKG pillar is humility. You have to be humble to be a good person. I am excited to help those in need.

Director of Development To me, YKG means that we go out of our way to help people who are in need. To me, the most important YKG pillar is unity. No matter what race, skin color, caste you are, you are, you are united as a community and work to help each other. I am most excited to help the animals.

Secretary To me, YKG means practicing key values such as Sewa, while making my community a stronger place. Helping my community is honestly the best way to give back for all it has done for me. It has given me a home, neighbors, friends and family, so I should try help it the best way possible. I am most excited to help with pressing issues this year, such as Black Lives Matter.

YKG allows me to serve. It allows me to give back to my community and make a difference. Sewa is one of the most important pillars of my religion and YKG allows me to practice this. I am excited to help lead important projects which help our communities.

Since I have been a part of YKG, I have learned the importance of five pillars of YKG, especially Sewa (selfless-service). I have realized the importance of listening and learning from others. I am really enjoying being a part of YKG.

What I love about YKG the most is that it's a place where we feel like a community who comes togethers to help others in need.