YKG DMV is the founding branch of YKG. 

our work

YKG + Days For Girls!
YKG worked with Days For Girls to create menstrual kits for girls living in countries where menstruation is not considered a normal human function and/or resources aren't available to these girls. It was mind opening to participate in such a tangible service activity and knowing that these products would be in girl's hands across the world.
YKG DMV's Bake Sale!
This year's fundraiser had brownies, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, rice krispies and much more! The funds from this event will go towards the many causes we have planned our sewa projects around for the year- stay tuned!
YKG DMV New Year!
New faces and old got together for the first meeting of the term! New projects were discussed, and plans for the year were laid out!
YKG DMV Against Hunger
YKG DMV rorked with Seva Truck to serve free hot meals to the community- literally out of a food truck. We also provided winter supplies and some holiday cheer :)
YKG Hosts Mental Health Seminar
YKG DMV enlisted Jessica Soussana discuss with us and our community about mental health stereotypes, stigma and healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress. We learned that communication is key.
A few members of YKG DMV took a field trip up to New Jersey in March 2018. We gave our sisters an overview on what YKG means to us and how to make the most of an impact in the community. In YKG shirts- Left to Right: Coach Bela (of PA/NJ), 5 YKG DMV Girls, Coach Leena. Sitting: New YKG PA/NJ Sisters!
YKG Sleeps Out With the Homeless
After a night of awareness, fundraising, reflection and a candlelight vigil, YKG slept out in solidarity with the homeless. We discussed the luxuries we have and what we can do to help others.
YKG Hosts a Blood Drive
YKG learns how blood is collected, why it is needed and more. After learning the lowdown on blood, with the help of Inova, we host our own blood drive.
YKG Celebrates Senior Citizens
YKG DMV held a bingo night with the elders in our community to bond and bridge the age gap between them. We danced and had lots of fun seeing the smiles on their faces!
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