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Becoming a member of YKG!

(Aug. 2018)

It's August, which means that the new YKG 2018-2019 year is rolling in fast. With the new addition of our Pennsylvania/New Jersey Branch of YKG, we are currently accepting applications- but not for long! Applying to be a member is easy.

FIRST: Do you meet the criteria to join the family? YKG is currently accepting applications from girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

SECOND: Visit our website! You can look at the work we've done, how we started, or even take a peek into what our current members have to say about the group.

THIRD: Once you've looked around, visit our application page or click this hyperlink.

This will take you to the interactive Google Form to fill out our updated application!

Some questions will require you to think, and that's in order for our team to get the best possible idea of who you are and the contribution you can make to YKG.

And just like that, your application is submitted!! Hang tight while our team reviews your submission and contacts you further for an interview.


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