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YKG PA/NJ: The Ronald McDonald House

(Feb. 2019)

The Ronald McDonald house is an American non-profit organization that offers housing to families with sick children that reside in nearby hospitals. Last year, they saved families around 880 million dollars that would’ve gone towards hotel expenses and meals. Being away from home is not easy and the Ronald McDonald House does an amazing job in giving their residents a comfortable and safe place to live.

On Saturday, February 2, YKG had the amazing opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald house in Camden, New Jersey. We cooked breakfast for all the families there and each member of YKG was assigned certain foods to bring. The house itself was beautiful and cozy and the kitchen was everything we needed to offer the residents a delicious and home cooked meal. We made pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausages and prepared a variety of breads, fruits, and muffins.

All the girls collectively worked together to prepare the food and with the moms help we were able to make a wonderful breakfast. The tables were filled with wonderful food and none was even leftover. Along with food, we also gave care packages for the children that contained coloring books, games, toys, and more. It was an incredible experience for all of us and one that we will never forget.

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