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YKG PA/NJ: Domestic Abuse, No Excuse

The month YKG is preparing for our upcoming projects. In May we are going to visit a women’s shelter to learn and help those in need. Doing this will help the YKG girls learn more about what happens to people in the world and how helping them makes an impact on the world.

On April 13th in New York City was Turban Day. YKG sold wristbands to raise money for the women’s shelter. The wristbands will had the message, “There is no excuse for domestic abuse”, written on them. We wanted the bands to have an empowering message that people will remember and we hope that they carry on the message. With the money we hope to buy the necessities that the women and girls would need at the shelter. At the shelter, we hope to make the women feel like they are in a safe environment and help them fight the battle of domestic abuse.

Also to help the women’s shelter we are going to have a clothing drive at our Gurudwara. All the donations are going to go to the women’s shelter. YKG also plans to hang up flyers around the Gurudwara to get the message about the clothing drive to everyone. In addition, we plan to give flyers to the Sangat. We are going to have bins around the Gurudwara for people who want to donate their clothes.

We have been working very diligently to plan all of our projects and fundraisers. YKG hopes that our community will help us in our fight against domestic abuse.

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