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YKG DMV: Women's Museum & Horses!

(May 2019)

Surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms, we step into the empowering history of women. YKG visited the Belmont-Paul Memorial to explore the powerful history of women's suffrage movement that gave us the rights we have today. It was really inspiring to walk on the same grounds where it all started. It was a large house-like place made of brick surrounded by lush trees. We we

re greeted by the tour guide who gave us a brief explanation of the movements that took place, then guided us through the whole museum. In the museum we saw statues of the women that lead or partook in this act, and on the walls were large portraits and quotes that really took us back in time. It was really great being there! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the amazing women for giving me the liberties I enjoy today as a young girl. The visit to Belmont-Paul Memorial was a perfect way to celebrate women's history month. During the month of April, YKG volunteered at a nonprofit organization called Days End Farm Horse Rescue. The goal of this barn is to shelter, cure and rehabilitate horses that are injured, mistreated, unable to be cared for or just thrown out. Some of these horses are known for their athletic achievements in racing and other sports. It is amazing how much effort the staff and volunteers put forth to help these beautiful creatures. The staff makes sure these horses are in a healthy state before they get adopted by a loving family. Learning about all the resources required to take care of horses was an eye opener for most of us. We left the farm with a feeling of gratitude to all those who help these living creatures and enrich the society with their selfless service. As we head into May, we look forward to looking back at our projects and reflecting on this year. For me as a new member, the year has just flown by and I feel very gratified to work towards important causes as I get to know so many talented individuals. I can’t wait for our end of the year celebration!

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