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YKG DMV: House of Ruth & Women of Action

(Mar. 2019)

As we MARCH into SPRING, YKG is busy planning our upcoming projects and reflecting on our finished efforts. Just a few weeks ago, we worked with House of Ruth to support victims of domestic abuse. Though we got snowed out of our original date, we improvised and rescheduled for February and came in just as excited and ready to work.

During the project we helped out in a multitude of ways. In the months leading up to the event, we collected donations in the form of diapers, foods, towels, soaps, socks, etc. that we brought to the shelter upon arrival.

Once we arrived, we split up as some girls carried boxes from the clothes donation center and brought it up to the women’s closet that is structured like a store so the women have an exciting thing to look forward to every week.

Girls planned craft activities for the children in the shelter as a fun creative outlet where the kids could express themselves in ‘About Me’ collages. At the end of our time there, the directors of the shelter gave us a tour of the facility and answered all of our questions about domestic abuse. As we walked out of the shelter, all of us left with a renewed awe for House of Ruth and an augmented drive to continuously help this organization in any way possible.

The ushering in of March also means the beginning of Women’s History Month. This week, YKG will be going to a woman’s suffrage museum as we reflect on the women who paved the way for us to make change. In honor of this time of remembrance, YKG is posting a story of a woman who changed the world each day of this month. Follow along @youngkhalsagirls and celebrate this month by finding your own ways to take action that empowers women everywhere.

Finally, stay tuned as we will soon be releasing our About Us video!! As we like to say at YKG......, emPOWER to her.

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