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YKG DMV: End of the Year Reflections

This year in YKG has been a whirlwind! We have accomplished a lot and had the privilege of serving many. We have formed relationships and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Over the course of the year, We reflected on what the true meaning of being a woman is and how that has changed throughout history. Visit to the suffrage museum was an impactful experience because we were able to see the journey of women’s rights and who the change makers were that allowed us to gain these rights.

The end of the year gave us an opportunity to say farewell and good luck to our YKG sister Ishika as she heads to college and starts a new chapter of her life. She is able to radiate sunshine wherever she goes and makes sewa a huge part of her life. Ishika made a huge impact on YKG and we wish her the best in her years to come.

One of the core values of YKG is empowering women. This year our initiatives spanned the globe as we sent sanitary packages to many different continents, supported women at House of Ruth while learning about healthy relationships, and went back to our own roots as women. YKG continues to be a powerful force in opening my eyes and my heart to a world of compassion, giving, and making an impact, and I am grateful for all of these experiences.

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