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YKG DMV's First Meeting of the Year!

(Oct. 2018)

A new beginning. A fresh start. A blank slate.

September 16, 2018: The beginning of YKG’s 7th year of seva, selfless service.

There is always so much excitement in the air when we get together for our first meeting of the year. This year was no different, but it was even more special as we welcomed a new member into the YKG Family, Simran Kaur. Simran immediately connected with the rest of the group and we all felt comfortable with each other within the first 10 minutes of the meeting. In YKG, we have created a sisterhood, a safe place for all of us to be ourselves, help the community, and have fun. Our love for seva and helping the community brings us together. We are thrilled to have Simran in the group and we are excited to see what she will accomplish this year.

Having completed six years now, YKG has developed various endearing traditions. One of the traditions is that we begin the first meeting of the year by doing Ardaas together. Ardaas is our way of asking for God’s blessings, guidance, and support throughout the year. YKG also hopes to begin new and exciting traditions this year such as a solely girl-run blog. We have spent months working on and perfecting our new website and we have decided to begin a blog where we can update the community on our progress, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. We will also be expressing our opinions on different topics/current events and the blog is a great space for us to do so. We are beyond excited to embark on this new journey as it will help us connect with the community.

We are eager to jump into a year full of learning, growth, seva, and new experiences! To start our year off, we will be hosting our annual bake sale/car wash at the GNFA (Guru Nanak Foundation of America) Gurdwara on October 28 from 10am to 2pm. We can’t wait to bake Halloween themed treats to sell at the fundraiser! Be there or be square! You won’t want to miss out on the yummy treats.

Our first meeting this year was extremely memorable because it was also the first meeting of our second sister chapter in PA/NJ. We were able to FaceTime the PA/NJ Chapter towards the end of the meeting, to (re)introduce ourselves and discuss seva project ideas. The launch of PA/NJ Chapter has helped us realize that true passion for service and girl empowerment is contagious. These girls are amazing and we cannot wait to see what the PA/NJ chapter accomplishes this year.

YKG focuses on women empowerment and gender equality. The DMV Chapter plans to lead at least one project that demonstrates women empowerment in the 2018- 2019 year. We will also be working on political advocacy, where we will reach out to our Congress members in order to have our opinions heard. In many instances the youth feels that their opinion doesn’t matter, we hope to mitigate this belief by organizing a political advocacy event.

This year we hope to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to greater extents to do the best seva we possibly can. We are eager to see what the 2018-2019 year holds in store for us!

Be sure to sign up for the group newsletter to be notified when blogs are posted!

Thank you for your support!

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